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GET TO KNOW: 5 questions with FREAKABOUT’s Cortney Kirby

Posted On Jul 15, 2019, 15:40 PM by Will Patterson

Lincoln rock band FREAKABOUT headlines this Saturday's Mammel Courtyard Concerts Kickoff Party!

The party jump starts our summer in our new outdoor concert venue. These shows for ages 21+ feature indie, rock, pop and country music on the lawn at the Holland Center. We figured there was no better way than to get the fun started than with a show featuring local artist. 

FREAKABOUT is also joined by opening acts Oquoa and Field Club. 

FREAKABOUT is a torrent of musical genres brought together for a totally new sound. I caught up with vocalist Cortney Kirby, who answered our five question ahead of this weekend's show so you could get to know the band better. 

  1. How did the band form?

    Aaron and I started FREAKABOUT when we were students at UNL. He played guitar and I loved singing/writing songs, so we got together, started putting those elements together and the rest is history. We added Ben on bass and Ian on drums a few years ago and have been loving the chemistry. 

  2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

    We never know how to answer this question. We know our genre lies somewhere in the rock genre but from song to song there are many musical influences. If you listen to the album, you can hear genres like dirty blues, alien metal, fuzz rock, psychedelic grooves and a few other flavors.

  3. What music have you been listening to on your free time?

    I personally have been on a big Beatles kick lately. If you look at my Spotify playlist, you probably wouldn’t know what kind of music I like because it is all over the place. From Melveen Lead (Hawaiian country music) to ABBA to Metric to Lizzo to you name it. As a band we are all pretty eclectic with the music we listen to.

  4. Favorite way to prep before a performance?
    A tall glass of whiskey. Or tequila. Depending on the season.

  5. What are the band’s plans for the future?
    After releasing our album "Babezooka" last year, we’ve taken some time off from touring. We plan on taking some time to get back to writing and keep playing shows around the area.