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Book a group and save money for the 20/21 Season

Posted On Jul 7, 2020, 08:31 AM by James Rich

Do you love experiencing live theatre with family or friends? Have you ever considered the benefits of coming in a larger group? At Omaha Performing Arts we offer a group sales option which will save you money, provide perks and a personalized entertainment experience with family and friends. 

First you might ask, what are group sales and how do they work? The group minimum for most productions is 10 seats. Larger group options can include up to 50 or more. Group sales can be arranged by calling the sales manager at 402.661.8156, emailing the sales manager at or filling out a request form on our website here.  

What are the benefits of group sales?  
1. Cost savings.  
-You save on the ticket price for most performances compared to single ticket prices. Handling fees are also typically lower.  

2. Special perks.  
-You get early access to all O-pa shows months before the general public.  
-We offer early bird pricing for groups to select performances if shows are reserved before July 31st.   
-Personalized concierge service with our sales manager (that’s me!), which include the best seating arrangements at a price that works for the group, restaurants recommendations and education groups can also participate in talk backs after the show with some of the cast members. 

3. Flexible payment options.  
-Groups don’t have to pay for their order in full all at once. You can pay as you go! If the order is placed more than 60 days before the performance, groups can reserve their order with just a 25 percent deposit. If you book your group order less than 60 days before the show, you can create a payment schedule that works for your group. If you’re uncertain about how large your group will be, that’s ok too.  You can make adjustments before you pay it off.  

Now of course, there are some challenges people face when coordinating a group effort. Here are a few solutions I can offer to help ease the process:  

-Create a Facebook group. In talking to group leaders, I have noticed the first challenge in coordinating groups is picking a date and time that works for everyone. One solution some of our groups have come up with is creating a Facebook group where the group leader can post a message, and everyone can see it and respond. This is easier than the group leader having to reach out to every member of the group individually.  

-Consider using an app to collect money. I have found that collecting money from people to pay for tickets can be tedious. Consider using an app like Venmo, Cash App or PayPal to collect funds from everyone.  

So, the next time you’re planning a trip to one of our productions, consider putting together a group and make the night a memorable experience!