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  • 3 FUN FACTS: The Four Italian Tenors

    Posted on 10.21.2019 by Kamrin Baker
    Italy has given us some of the greatest gifts: pizza, pasta and the Four Italian Tenors! The operatic quartet is coming to the Holland Center on November 2, and to prepare, it's time to learn a little more about these Roman gods. Read More
  • #OPAProTip: Enjoy Preshow Playtime with Scrap Arts Music

    Posted on 09.27.2019 by Kamrin Baker
  • #OPAProTip: Dining out before the show

    Posted on 09.18.2019 by Kamrin Baker
  • 3 FUN FACTS: Country star Jimmie Allen

    Posted on 08.21.2019 by Courtney Mattern
    Before the show, we wanted you to get to know Jimmie a little bit better. Here are a few fun facts about this breakthrough artist. Read More
  • WATCH: Building music skills and community with Musical Explorers

    Posted on 05.02.2019 by Courtney Mattern
    Each year, we hold a year-end concert for the participating elementary students. Nearly 3,500 K-2 children from Omaha and Council Bluffs danced and sang along to the Mexican, West African and American folk songs they learned about this year. Read More
  • WATCH: Zoom through a week at Omaha Performing Arts

    Posted on 04.16.2019 by Courtney Mattern
    We're busy bees this spring at Omaha Performing Arts! Our halls are filled daily with artists, students, community members and volunteers. Check out this video zooming through a week of Omaha Performing Arts. Read More
  • GUEST BLOG: 3 Things I've Learned as an Intern (So Far)

    Posted on 04.09.2019 by Courtney Mattern
    Public relations intern Christina Becker shares her experiences as an intern at Omaha Performing Arts. Check out what skills our interns are learning during their time here! Read More
  • OPA ROUNDUP: Must-see spring shows

    Posted on 03.22.2019 by Courtney Mattern
    Spring is finally here! I know – I wasn’t sure winter would ever end either. Six months of snow certainly calls for some fun! We have so many shows headed to Omaha this spring. Here’s a few shows you shouldn’t miss. Read More
  • WATCH: Catch 1200 Club fever

    Posted on 02.26.2019 by Courtney Mattern
    During our 2019/2020 Season Reveal, we gave our subscribers a taste of the 1200 Club. Now, it’s your turn to see what all the hype is about. Read More
  • Meet the artists! Local musicians featured in Musical Explorers

    Posted on 02.18.2019 by Courtney Mattern
    More than 3,400 K-2 students will embark on a musical adventure this month! They’ll learn about three different musical styles from their community in Musical Explorers. Along the way, students get to know three local artists and reflect on the music traditions in their own community. Read More
  • GET TO KNOW: 5 questions with photographer Ronan Donovan

    Posted on 02.18.2019 by Courtney Mattern
    Our National Geographic Live series is part adventure, part education. You get to hear amazing stories directly from the scientists, explorers and photographers who capture them for National Geographic. We caught up with Ronan Donovan before he flew into Omaha to ask him our 5 questions. Read More
  • OPA #Protip: Ways to beat the cold

    Posted on 11.19.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    For today’s OPA #Protip, I thought I’d drop some knowledge on how to beat the cold when you come to the theater. Read More
  • OPA PLAYLIST: 1200 Club Tunes

    Posted on 11.02.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Each season, we feature fresh artists, rising stars and local musicians in our 1200 Club series at the Holland Center. The 1200 Club turns the Scott Recital Hall into a cozy nightclub with table service and amazing music! Check out these tunes from artists featured this season in the 1200 Club. Read More
  • GET TO KNOW: Happy Hour’s local musicians

    Posted on 10.17.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Happy Hour at the Holland has everything you need for a memorable night out in downtown Omaha. We invite local singers and musicians to showcase their skills in front of people who love the performing arts. This year’s lineup is beyond talented, and we want you to get to know them! Read More
  • Q&A: How Chef Diana crafts Zinc’s fall menu

    Posted on 10.08.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Our in-house chef Diana Browder crafts her seasonal menus from fresh, local ingredients. For this Q&A, she filled me in on how she created the menu, what her inspirations are and what it’s like to be a chef. Read More
  • GUEST BLOG: A day in the life of a Rusty Musician

    Posted on 09.26.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Suzanne Anderson, a participant in our Rusty Musician Experience, shares what its like to play an instrument again after a long hiatus. Check out what the Rusty Musician Experience is doing for musicians of all skill levels! Read More
  • OPA Roundup: Shows we’re FALL-ing for

    Posted on 09.21.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Fall is a magical time of year, and at Omaha Performing Arts, it’s when our venues come to life with extraordinary entertainment. For this edition of OPA Roundup, I’ve asked my colleagues to chime in with the fall shows they’re most looking forward to. Read More
  • Rock on! Highlights from Broadway Ball 2018

    Posted on 09.18.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    The Presenters, our volunteer guild, hosted the biennial fundraiser on Friday, September 7, in support of our Education and Community Engagement programs. Here are a few highlights from the day. Read More
  • OPA Roundup: Fun and family-friendly shows

    Posted on 08.15.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    School’s back in session and calendars are already filling up fast. Before the year gets too busy, plan a night out with your family. I’ve rounded up our picks for events people of all ages can enjoy together. Read More
  • RECIPE: A taste of Skyview Terrace, now open at the Holland Center

    Posted on 07.17.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    What’s the recipe for a perfect summer night out? We think we’ve figured it out at Skyview Terrace, our new rooftop bar at the Holland Performing Arts Center. Just combine cold drinks, beautiful views and great company. Read More