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5 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Tony Awards® Watch Party

Posted On Jun 4, 2019, 11:56 AM by Kamrin Baker

One of the most beloved evenings in the performing arts world is soon to be upon us— The Tony Awards. Sure, you can cozy up in your pajamas, pop a bowl of popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. There’s no shame in that game. But, if you’re looking to up the ante this year, we’ve got you covered.

Regardless of what your plans are for the evening of Sunday, June 9, turn your TV to CBS at 7:00 PM CDT to see James Corden host the show at Radio City Music Hall.

  1. Dress the part.

    Whether you’re ready to go full-on with a Beetlejuice-inspired striped pantsuit look or want to take The Prom or The Cher Show approach with an elaborate sequin dress, the sky’s the limit. Perhaps you’re going for a full face of stage makeup or you’re aiming more for red-carpet friendly fit, but no matter the final form, you want tonight to feel and look special, and we support you all the way.

    The best ways to gather materials for your outfits would be starting in thrift shops like Goodwill, or even channeling your inner costume-designer by collecting supplies from your own closet. Even if you end up in your old Wicked merchandise booth T-shirt, we are confident that you’ll be Best Dressed on the Red Carpet in your living room.

  2. Dine like royalty.

    This is your Super Bowl, right? While HyVee might not have the world’s greatest potato chip deals this weekend, you can make the most of some simple snacks to add some tasteful—and tasty—details to your evening. Bonus points if you can get them to match the themes of some of the best musicals and plays of 2019!

    • Deviled eggs | If you execute this dish well, you might just be “On The Road To Hell” in Hadestown.
    • A spiked punch bowl | What’s a Prom without a vodka-spiked bowl of punch? This link has recipes for over 30 refreshing drink ideas for your start-of-the summer party.
    • Crème Brulee | This simple creamy dessert (completed with the flame of a torch) alludes to the sexy and dark Adam Driver-driven play, Burn This.
    • Tootsie Rolls or Pops | This dish is the most low-effort of our suggestions. Throw a handful of Tootsie Rolls or Tootsie Pops in a bowl for all the big Tootsie fans in attendance. The lollies can even be considered metaphorical, as the musical tells the story of Michael Dorsey costumed as a Dorothy Michaels, showing that there are layers to every character.
  3. Make a game out of it.

    Whether you print out a personal ballot or place healthy bets over Best Musical or Score, you’re in for a fun night. If you’re looking for a little more direction, try one of these BINGO sheets we made just for you!

  4. Prepare with a playlist.

    We’ve made it easy for you to memorize hits from this year’s best shows by compiling our favorites on a Spotify playlist for the big day!

5. End the night by buying tickets to a touring show.

If you and your guests finish the night energized by the special performances and tributes of the 73rd Tony Awards, the next item on the agenda is to purchase tickets to a touring Broadway show. The 2019-2020 season at Omaha Performing Arts features hits like DISNEY’S THE LION KING and DEAR EVAN HANSEN and more.

The performances you see on display at the Tony Awards are a special preview of what’s to come for touring Broadway productions, and tonight’s the perfect night to save your future self a seat.

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