Backstage Excellence Award Nomination



Teachers should submit nominations by filling out the form below. Please be prepared to include the following support materials as part of the nomination form: letter of recommendation and optional work samples.

Acceptable file types include PDF documents only. Letters of recommendation should be uploaded as individual PDF files. PDF file names should include the student nominees’ school and a descriptive title (e.g. Dowling-High-School_Teacher-Recommendation.pdf). To submit optional work samples electronically, upload a PDF file that features up to 3 web links (e.g. Dropbox link to production photos). For each web link, please include access information with the URL (i.e. required plug-ins, passwords, navigation paths, etc.).

Contact Taylor Wyatt, O-pa Education Manager at TWyatt@O-pa.org or at 402-661-8559.

The Backstage Excellence Award honors one group of students for demonstrating teamwork, professionalism and a commitment to excellence behind-the-scenes. Student run crews, costume crews, set construction crews, stagehands or any group of students who have dedicated time in a backstage capacity are eligible. Winners will be determined through a nomination process. Nominations will be reviewed by panel of local theater professionals who will select winners to be honored at the Nebraska High School Theater Academy Showcase.

Teacher Letter of Recommendation

In 750 words or less, discuss why you have nominated this student group for the backstage Excellence Award and their contributions to the production.

Upload optional work samples

It is strongly encouraged (though not required) to provide work samples that showcase the work completed by the nominated student group. You may submit up to 3 work samples. Work samples may include, but are not limited to: production photos, rehearsal reports, crew/shift lists, photo documentation of set or costume construction process, etc.

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Hard copies should be mailed to:

Omaha Performing Arts 
1200 Douglas Street
Omaha, NE 68102

Please note: Omaha Performing Arts WILL NOT be able to return any materials submitted as a part of the application process.

By submitting this form, I understand that Omaha Performing Arts may use any materials I have provided as a part of this award application or nomination for education program promotion or archival purposes. I give permission to Omaha Performing Arts to utilize (for promotional purposes only) any photos, videos and recordings taken of me while participating in Nebraska High School Theater Academy events. I understand that I will not be paid any royalty or other compensations, and I relinquish any right I may have to payment if materials submitted as a part of this form, photos, videos or recordings are utilized by Omaha Performing Arts for promotional purposes. I understand that award winners are expected to attend the Nebraska High School Theater Academy Showcase at the Orpheum Theater on June 5, 2022. I hereby release and hold harmless Omaha Performing Arts, the building owners, its agents, employees and independent contractors from any and all liability, damage, expense, causes of action, suits, claims or judgments, arising from injury, damage or loss, or claims of injury, damage or loss to me or my personal property which may arise.