Senior of the Year Award Nomination



The Senior of the Year Award honors seniors at participating Nebraska High School Theater Academy schools for their outstanding achievements in performing arts and leadership throughout high school. This award will recognize one senior who embodies the highest standards in leadership and demonstrates a positive impact on the lives of their fellow peers and teachers. To nominate a senior, fill out the form below.


Contact Taylor Wyatt, O-pa Education Manager at TWyatt@O-pa.org or at 402-661-8559.


The school must be a participating NHSTA school.

Describe the Nominated Student's Achievements

In 500 words of less, discuss why you have nominated this student for the Outstanding Senior Award - describe their achievements in performing arts and leadership and how they have positively impacted their peers and teachers.

By submitting this form, I understand that Omaha Performing Arts may use any materials I have provided as a part of this award application or nomination for education program promotion or archival purposes. I give permission to Omaha Performing Arts to utilize (for promotional purposes only) any photos, videos and recordings taken of me while participating in Nebraska High School Theater Academy events. I understand that I will not be paid any royalty or other compensations, and I relinquish any right I may have to payment if materials submitted as a part of this form, photos, videos or recordings are utilized by Omaha Performing Arts for promotional purposes. I hereby release and hold harmless Omaha Performing Arts, the building owners, its agents, employees and independent contractors from any and all liability, damage, expense, causes of action, suits, claims or judgments, arising from injury, damage or loss, or claims of injury, damage or loss to me or my personal property which may arise.