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3 FUN FACTS: Big Wade & The Black Swan Theory

Posted On Jul 29, 2019, 09:37 AM by Will Patterson
Big Wade

Big Wade & The Black Swan Theory
are playing Jazz on the Green at Midtown Crossing! They’ll take the stage on August 1 to show guests what Nebraska’s soul music scene has been brewing up over the past few years. Here a few fun facts to prep you before you see them at Midtown Crossing:

1. Keeping it local
Lewade “Big Wade” Milliner is a North Omaha native recognized as a musician helping shape Nebraska’s soul music scene. Even with a career spanning 15 years and national tours, Milliner keeps his talents in town.

2. Always changing
Milliner had almost exclusively played covers up until about three years. His mother asked him why he didn’t write his own music. Right after that conversation he started working on his first original piece, and he’s been writing songs ever since.

“Over the years we have grown musically.” Milliner said. “Anyone who is into music knows it takes a while to find your sound.”

3. A strange encounter
Early in the band’s career, the group had traveled down to Texas for a one-day gig before heading back without sleep. The return trip proved to be a little more difficult. They blew a tire — but as a result ended up meeting music producer Timbaland at a gas station. As if meeting a music industry hotshot wasn’t great enough, Timbaland ended up paying for their car repairs before sending the band on their way back to Nebraska.