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#DogsOfJOTG: These pups love jazz!

Posted On Aug 14, 2019, 09:44 AM by Kamrin Baker
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Do you ever wonder how your dog feels when you take them to public events like the farmer's market, the Starbuck's drive-thru -- or OPA's very own Jazz on the Green? We conducted a very scientific study and found that the dogs who attend JOTG are big fans of a good boogie-woogie. In fact, this year, the dogs came out in droves to enjoy the sweet summer tradition at Turner Park in Midtown Crossing. Here's proof!

This tiny pupper named Chuck made sure to keep one ear up at all times so he could hear the music.

Corgi puppy in the park

At. All. Times.

Corgi puppy in the park

This doggo is more of an R&B fan but couldn't help but crack a smile at the jazzy tunes.

smiley boi
These siblings, who I was told are second-generation puggles (that's a pug beagle mix, for everyone at home), were so excited about JOTG that they practically screamed with glee.

A brown dog and a black dog smile at the camera

This Labrador puppy couldn't even sit still!

Yellow lab puppy sits in the grass at the park

But this beagle was there to soak it allllll in.

a beagle sits in the grass at the park with its eyes closed and tongue out

And this dog? This dog was so into the music he could practically taste it. Or maybe it was just the food vendors that got him all worked up. We can't say. That wasn't part of the scientific study.

German Shepherd dog looks at the camera with its tongue out

This pup that couldn't help but pout during intermission. Tenacious the bulldog says: bring on the tunes!

A white, brown and black bulldog sits in the park

Bonnie and Clyde were a match made in heaven-- just like jazz and summertime. 

Two dogs sit side by side in the park

This doggo, Orion, had starry eyes for the sensational acts at JOTG!

A rotweiller puppy sits in the grass.