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Happy PRIDE Month from O-pa

Posted On Jun 9, 2021, 11:31 AM by Sarah Kosch

Happy PRIDE Month from O-pa! Although the celebrating reaches its height in June, the importance of awareness, community-building and allyship lasts all year. Pride is a movement and a mindset — a way to live, work, connect and create a space where everyone can fearlessly be their authentic selves.

“Pride for me means no longer being afraid of who I am. I have always been this way, but the massive pride movements these past few years have contributed greatly to my own self-acceptance, both in life and within the LGBTQ movement as well.” – Anna Drew Newby, O-pa System and Web Application Developer

“To me, Pride means joy and celebration of who you are — it means self-affirmation, acceptance and letting love guide you. It means love is love is love and EQUALITY. As an ally, it also means celebrating and showing support to those in the LGBTQ+ community — lifting them up and giving them the space to feel safe, supported and celebrated to be themselves.” –Taylor Wyatt, O-pa Education Coordinator

“It’s a time when my friends and loved ones can be celebrated and be exactly who they are. Pride is a time for me to show my support and ally-ship in more visible ways. There is a lot of hiding that sometimes goes along with being LGBTQIA+, especially in this conservative state, and at Pride events, no one has to hide. The Pride Parade here in Omaha is an amazing experience, and I’ve gotten to watch it grow from a fairly small event in downtown Council Bluffs to the massive event in downtown Omaha in 2019. I also enjoy giving out “free mom hugs” during the events.”
–Pam Hansen, O-pa Executive Assistant

O-pa participates in the annual Heartland Pride Parade and you can too. And for the rest of the year, here are some ideas to learn and grow by exploring local history and supporting LGBTQ+ art and artists.

  • Deep dive into local LGBTQ+ history with Queer Nebraska: A Timeline.
  • Read more stories about the LGBTQ+ experience.
  • Stay tuned for programming, education and community engagement from IDEA—an O-pa initiative to create a more diverse environment and foster an inclusive culture in our workplace and the community.