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Read, watch and get ready for Broadway's ANASTASIA!

Posted On May 23, 2022, 13:04 PM by James Rich
Anastasia: the New Broadway Musical

ANASTASIA plays at The Orpheum Theater from June 7–12, 2022,. We have a lot of great reading and watching recommendations to get you ready for this magical show, including Omaha Picks from the Omaha Public Library!

You could start with I Was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhorn, which is a great read if you’re obsessed with all things related to the Romanov family. The book follows the tale of Anna Anderson, the woman who claimed to be the grand duchess and contrasts her story with that of the real Anastasia. The book jumps around in history and tries to answer the question of what really happened to Anastasia Romanov.  

There’s also Rasputin by Douglas Smith, which captures the true life of a man, whose debauchery and sinister political influence is the stuff of legend, in all his complexity as a servant of God, a voice of peace, a loyal subject, an adulterer, a drunkard, and an esteemed confidant of the Romanovs. 

Finally, there’s the classic work of fiction Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. Inspired by War and Peace, this historical novel tells the tale of poet-physician Yuri Zhivago, who struggles to find his place, his profession, and his artistic voice amid the turmoil of the Russian Revolution. A masterpiece of prose as beautiful as the Russian countryside it depicts, Doctor Zhivago takes readers on a journey of love, pain, and redemption through some of the harshest years of the twentieth century. 

And, of course, there’s the animated 1990’s film Anastasia, which was the inspiration for the musical. But if you’ve never seen it before, maybe save that for AFTER you see the show at The Orpheum. 

Broadway tickets are available on! You can also bring a group (10 or more people) to save money on the ticket cost and handling fees. You can learn more about group sales on our group sales page