Dear friends of Omaha Performing Arts,  

Have you noticed our new identity and logo design?  We changed our logo and look as part of an organization-wide branding process. The new brand is designed to inspire a bold, artistic and flexible approach while providing a uniform method of identification.  The design was inspired by key themes generated through interviews with the Omaha Performing Arts Board, staff, volunteers, donors and patronsOur new name and O-pa logo are less traditional, more friendly and welcoming, and are designed to generate excitement

Over the past 14 years, we’ve grown from a start-up to now reaching broad audiences through our programs and education activities in Omaha and across Nebraska. We’ve never taken a comprehensive approach to our identity, and it is now time to ensure our many programs share the same image. This style will bring our programs, sponsors and venues together visually and make them more easily recognized. 

Pentagram, the world’s largest independent design studio, created the look. They reviewed processes and materials of the organization’s four core entities: Omaha Performing Arts, Ticket Omaha, Holland Performing Arts Center and the Orpheum Theater. Each entity name contains an integral piece to the new brand - the letter “O”, a circular letter that represents community relationships and signals community as the heart of O-pa. 

"The collaboration with the Omaha Performing Arts team was enlightening and energizing. Pentagram was excited to create a new brand identity for O-pa,” said Eddie Opara, Pentagram partner. “The creation of a harmonious and dynamic visual and strategic framework that is bold, fresh and vibrant are recognizable and represent the O-pa community, its performances, and the City of Omaha as a connective force. 

We’re excited about our new identity, look and logo that helps demonstrate our continued commitment to the performing arts in the Omaha community and Nebraska.  We hope you like it, too.  Welcome to O-pa! 


Joan H. Squires  

President, Omaha Performing Arts