Nebraska Theater Academy

Connecting students & educators to Broadway

This Omaha Performing Arts (O-pa) education program provides middle schools and high schools across Nebraska and surrounding areas with:


About the Program

The Nebraska Theater Academy (or NTA for short) supports, celebrates and advocates for theater education. O-pa launched the program in 2013 with just 22 schools in the Omaha area and now supports more than 85 schools and 9,000 students each year.


The Nebraska Theater Academy is sponsored by Community Foundation for Western Iowa, the Dolezal Family Foundation, Gilbert C. Swanson Foundation, Iowa West Foundation, J. William and Ruth Lind Scott Fund, John A. and Dianne M. Scott FundJohn K. and Lynne D. Boyer Family Foundation, CL Werner Foundation, Nebraska Arts Council, Nebraska Cultural Endowment, and Presenter's Circle.