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The Hunt for Sleeping Giants

Andrés Ruzo
Oct 6, 2024 - 2:00 PM Holland Performing Arts Center

Embark on an exhilarating expedition alongside Andrés Ruzo with National Geographic Live's "The Hunt for Sleeping Giants," a gripping exploration into the heart of Earth's most majestic and volatile giants: volcanoes. Journey alongside a team of daring volcanologists, geologists, and adventurers as they traverse continents and oceans in pursuit of these dormant and active giants that shape our world.

The Untold Story of Sharks

Dr. Jess Cramp
Mar 30, 2025 - 2:00 PM Holland Performing Arts Center

Sharks have roamed the planet’s waters since before the dinosaurs and have evolved into more than a thousand species. But only recently have we begun to understand their lives in the ocean—and how our actions can threaten their survival. Dr. Jess Cramp will take audiences on a journey through the National Geographic archives to discover the work of pioneering women in shark science and storytelling before she dives into her work on the frontier of shark research and conservation.

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