Support the Arts

We know that the role  the arts and live performances  play in raising spirits  and inspiring us  are more important than ever during difficult times. But while there is uncertainty, we can be certain that Omaha Performing Arts and our community will get through this together.

We want to thank you for your patronage and support because the arts are important to our lives, to unite us in the best and most challenging times. We promise to be here for our community, just as you are here for us. We’re going to have some wonderful experiences for all of us to share!

Omaha Performing Arts' mission would not be possible without the unwavering support of our generous donors listed here.



"We are happy to support the important community programs offered by OPA and we look forward to the new theater season as members of the Circles of Giving."

Dan & Tina Lonergan, patrons and donors

"What's been great to see as the arts community has blossomed here is the local talent that is developing in Omaha and particularly young talent aspiring to achieve more. At the same time, we've seen talent move to Omaha that's passionate about and involved in the arts because of all that's going on here."

Clark Lauritzen, Executive Vice President, First National Bank

“Omaha Performing Arts has enabled me to follow my ambitions of becoming a professional musician and artist! Their support is one reason why I am pursuing my dreams today.”  

Marcel Daly, student