Presenters Circle


Presenters Circle is an enthusiastic volunteer group whose members donate their time and talents to support Omaha Performing Arts' mission. The group raises awareness and funds through events, which contribute to our Education and Community Engagement programming. 

"Being able to attend the shows with the family and listening to the soundtracks afterward so cherished moments. We are so fortunate as a community to have these performances available for our viewing pleasure"

Chad Rutar, past president



Levels & Benefits
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Member $35 Listing in the directory



Bronze Member $50 Subscription to Omaha Performing Arts e-newsletter and listing in the directory



Silver Member $100 Above benefits plus an invite to a special performance reception



Gold Member $250 Above benefits plus an invitation to Omaha Performing Arts' annual holiday event



Platinum Member $350+ Above benefits plus two complimentary tickets to an Omaha Performing Arts Presents performance





2020/2021 Executive Committee

President: Paula Blackledge
Jen Rutar
VP of Engagement:
Andee Scioli
2nd VP of Engagement:
Dori Stanfield
VP of Membership:
Courtney Dunbar
2nd VP of Membership: 
Tom Elser
Secretary: Adrienne Fay
Treasurer: Andrea Marshall

Immediate Past President: Rachel Stricklett


Board of Directors

Michelle Clark*
Jessica Covi*
Kris Covi
Ann Crouse*
Lynn Dingman
Lori Dvorak
Denise Fitzgerald*
Mosah Goodman
Danielle Gordman *
Kate Grabill
Gail Graeve
Beth Greiner
Shelly Grote
Mark Gudgel

Victoria Halgren*
Cindy Heider
Courtney Hellman
 Sam Hohman*
Kimberley Hord
Cindi Horning
Pam Krecek*
Wendi Kroeger
Lisa Krumwiede*
Sarah McGowan
Anne Medlock
Karen Nelsen
Christine Nikunen
Christie Oberto
David Prinz

Sharlon Rodgers
Lisa Russell*
Chad Rutar
Laura Schroeder
Melissa Shapiro
Martha Slosburg*
Libby Stiles
Joanie Swanson*
Amy Thomas*
Ashley Wegner
Beth Wilson*
Michele Zadalis
Jennifer Zatechka


*Encore Member