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OPA #Protip: Ways to beat the cold

Posted On Nov 19, 2018, 15:48 PM by Courtney Mattern

In the #OPAProtip series, I share bits of advice to help you have the most memorable and incredible experience possible when you come to a show at the Holland Performing Arts Center or Orpheum Theater. If there’s a topic you’d like me to shed light on, email or leave a comment below this post.

Our venues are decked with twinkling decor and holiday shows are comin' to town starting with 98 Degrees at Christmas on November 29. Yes, it’s certainly the most wonderful time of the year!

But I don’t think Mother Nature ever gets this memo. We’re about to embark on weeks – months – of subzero temperatures, slushy snow and biting winds.  

For today’s OPA #Protip, I thought I’d drop some knowledge on how to beat the cold when you come to the theater. (Click here to read about our upcoming holiday shows).

Step 1. Park like a pro
Searching for parking in the cold is the worst. And getting in and out of a warm car multiple times in one night – even worse! Park once at the theater and enjoy a full night inside our cozy venues. You can enjoy a preshow cocktail or dinner steps from the concert hall at Zinc. Treat yourself to valet at the Holland Center or, at the Orpheum Theater, park in the OPPD Parking Garage and use the Skylink to further limit your time in the great but oh so cold outdoors. 

Step 2. Check your bulky winter gear
No one loves toting around their staticky, puffy coats, hats, gloves and scarves once they get inside. Check them. Both the Holland Center and Orpheum Theater offer coat check, so you can get cozy in your seat or visit the concessions without your bulky winter gear. And it’s free! 

Both the Orpheum Theater and Holland Center offer a variety of drinks and snacks before shows.

Step 3. Get cozy with a preshow cocktail or snack
Both venues offer bar service and snacks before the show. If you’re coming to a show at the Holland Center, you can even plan your dinner right here in the venue at Zinc. Just book at table at Our restaurant offers a warm and delicious seasonal menu. If you stop by NRG Energy Ovations bar and lounge or Skyview Terrace, you can order appetizers and specialty drinks. Did you know you can also preorder a drink for intermission? You can stretch your legs, find your drink waiting for you at the bar and return to your seat and get cozy for the second half just like that. 

Step 4.  Add to your night out!
It’s cozy in here – so stick around after select shows for Beyond-the-Stage Conversations. Check the schedule to see if your show features an artist Q&A after the performance. You’ll stay warm and make your arts experience that much more meaningful. 

To learn more about our Patron Amenities, visit our venues page on our website