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Rhett & Link Live in Concert: 10 mythical moments in the duo’s YouTube history

Posted On Jun 21, 2019, 11:29 AM by Kamrin Baker

YouTube has recently made its way into the foray of mainstream entertainment, and at the head of its growing popularity are Internet talk show hosts, musicians and lifelong best friends Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. Rhett and Link are most well-known for their daily show, Good Mythical Morning

Omaha will get to enjoy their humor live, when we welcome them to the Orpheum Theater for their newest tour, Rhett and Link: Live in Concert on June 29. As a little crash course for first-timers and a walk down memory lane for loyal Mythical Beasts, we’ve compiled a series of Rhett and Link’s best moments in YouTube history.

At least, the ones that made us laugh the most.

That time they learned how to cuddle:

They proved it relieves stress to wear a matching onesie with your best friend.

And then cuddled under very stressful circumstances:

Special guest Cuddle Queen Jean did her best to calm the guys down.

That time they complained about “first” comments in a musical masterpiece:

This animated rendition of the “First Comment Song” is as catchy as it is honest.

Or when they ate a bunch of weird cookies with Link’s dad:

Rhett and Link often eat some odd foods, and this episode is pretty tame from their adventures trying fish bait, cow tongue or congealed blood. As great as the guys are, Link’s dad Charles steals the spotlight in this one.

That time they performed nursery rhymes as raps with Post Malone:

I’ll just be over here waiting for full release of Rhett’s “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

Or took a punny—and stinky—take on spelling bees with the Smelling Bee:

Complete with Link’s inability to spell "beans" and their nerdy outfits, this episode belongs on your Rhett and Link flashcards.

Maybe you’d appreciate the episode where they get in touch with their feelings:

With special guest star Hank Green, the guys investigate items in a blind touch test.

Or that time they gave a new meaning to bubble baths:

This one includes a bonus song!

That time they reunited two dog siblings:

This one may be cuter than it is funny, but Rhett and Link’s dogs, Jade and Barbara, deserve to make this list. Barbara meets her long lost brother in this episode, and it’s extremely wholesome.

Or lastly, the time they shared their first 5-word song:

We can’t wait for these comedy crooners to come to Omaha soon! We’ll play you out with this classic.