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3 FUN FACTS: Darcy Malone and the Tangle

Posted On Aug 12, 2019, 09:16 AM by Will Patterson
Darcy Malone Photo

Sadly, our summer series Jazz on the Green at Midtown Crossing is coming to an end. But what a finale! Darcy Malone and the Tangle will be wrapping up this year’s Jazz on the Green lineup with a performance this Thursday. Here are a few fun facts on the series finishing performance:

1. Transcending genre
Lead singer Darcy Malone says that rock musicians can have a tough time trying to make it big in New Orleans. That’s why Darcy Malone and the Tangle has set out to create a fusion of rock and soul. But they also still want to keep catchy elements that might stretch outside those labels. Ultimately the band revels in their ability to dip into a wide pool of influences.

2. Diversity in backgrounds
Darcy Malone and the Tangle’s composition reveals a richly diverse crew of characters. Drummer Terry Scott Jr. and guitarist Rory Callais boast their roles as veteran New Orleans performers, and backup vocalist Britney Chaunte also comes from the area. The group also recruited international-touring musicians James Beumont and Smitti Supab who met each other while taking gigs in China. Lastly, lead singer Malone and singer/guitarist Christopher Boye founded the group and helped bring everyone together.

3. Keeping up the tradition
Malone’s last name is no coincidence — she’s the daughter of New Orleans music legend Dave Malone, guitarist and vocalist of The Radiators. Dave and his band were even brought into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame during 2011. Fans of New Orleans rock can see the potent mix of classic influences and newer rock.