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#OPAProTip: Enjoy Preshow Playtime with Scrap Arts Music

Posted On Sep 27, 2019, 16:13 PM by Kamrin Baker
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Outings with the youngsters are always a blast-- but can still be a little draining. We get it. You’re worried how they’ll behave in a beautiful venue, if they’ll enjoy the show as much as the last one they saw, or if they’ll even be so overwhelmed, they’ll resort to a nap by intermission.

On the other hand, they could be so pumped that they won't stop talking about it for weeks.

We pride ourselves on bringing amazing shows and performers to our premiere venues at Omaha Performing Arts—that even the pickiest children will enjoy and remember. However, we also know how to cater to their needs.

Children of Metropolis, a show by the outstanding Scrap Arts Music, will grace the Holland Center’s stage on October 25. The group specializes in creating fun sounds with found objects, and in this case, will tell the story in a retro-futuristic setting, with instruments made of salvaged urban debris.

At the show on October 25, you can expect an energizing pre-game experience for your kids, so you can all enjoy the show to the fullest! We call it Preshow Playtime, and here’s what we have planned:

Wear your heart on your sleeve with a button maker

Design a piece of artwork you’re proud of and preserve it in a pin! We will have a button maker handy for all the artists who want to swing by and make their own souvenirs.

A jam session with premade instruments

Rock out with some instruments made of recycled materials. Drums and string instruments made with glass jars, plastic containers, tissue boxes and rubber bands will be at the disposal of your talented musicians!

A place to innovate your own instruments

If you’re looking to get a more hands-on experience with some recycled instruments, we’ll have activity leaders teaching attendees how to make egg shakers and digeridoos! At this rate, you’ll have your own ensemble by the time you leave the theater. Fair warning: your pots and pans may become the next coolest instrument in your home. 

Preshow Playtime begins an hour before the show in the lobby. We’ll see you there!