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Drink and groove this weekend!

Posted On May 12, 2020, 10:54 AM by Dara Hogan

This weekend is a great excuse to mix up a cocktail and enjoy some virtual entertainment! Check out our signature A Trip Around the Sun themed cocktail. Our friends at Guckenheimer came up with the recipe. You can sip and enjoy while relaxing with friends and family at home this weekend. See the recipe below but first take one minute to watch the video here. While you’re at it, are you thinking about eating someone else’s cooking this weekend? We’ve got you covered there too. Order take out from one of our generous restaurant partners and get the best deals at the best places. See the list of restaurant partners below! To plan your visit, or place a takeout order, please click here

Restaurant partners




Hiro 88

Liberty Tavern  


Saigon Surface

A Trip Around the Sun ingredients

1oz grenadine

1 1/2oz OJ

2 oz white rum

1oz blue curacao

Add grenadine to glass

Fill glass with ice

Add OJ

Add white rum

float blue curacao on top