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July is National Culinary Arts Month

Posted On Jul 21, 2020, 14:10 PM by Dara Hogan
We're celebrating National Culinary Arts Month with a canapé recipe from Chef Browder at Guckenheimer, our exclusive food service provider. Take 4 minutes to watch the video and read the recipe instructions below. These delicious hors d'oeuvres are a must have and they're easy to make! 

Picnic Canapés
To build your picnic:
Rustic Seasoning Mix
Mashed Avocado
Pickled Shrimp
Sprouts or Micro Greens
Raw Vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, red pepper spears, etc.)
Herbed Cheese Spread
Hard Boiled Eggs
Sliced Baguette

Rustic Seasoning Mix
2 teaspoons poppyseeds 
2 teaspoons sesame seeds
1 teaspoon dried garlic flakes
1 teaspoon onion flakes
½ teaspoon red pepper flakes
½ teaspoon smoked paprika
1 teaspoon kosher salt

Combine all ingredients in a mason jar and mix together.

Herbed Cheese Spread
8 ounces cream cheese
¼ cup softened butter
2 cloves garlic
¼ cup parsley
¼ cup basil
2 tablespoons chives
2 tablespoons of another fresh herb like tarragon, dill, or thyme
¼ teaspoon black pepper
½ teaspoon salt (or more to taste)
½ teaspoon lemon zest

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. 

Pickled Shrimp
1 bag 16-20 raw shrimp, shells and tails removed
Juice of 2 lemons
2 tablespoons celery leaves
¼ cup parsley, chopped
2 bay leaves
2 crushed garlic cloves
½ teaspoon black peppercorns
½ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1 tablespoon salt
½ teaspoon black peppercorns
1 teaspoon lemon zest
1 cup extra virgin olive oil

1. Bring 6 quarts of water to a boil. Season generously with salt and add shrimp. Cook for 3-4 minutes until light pink. Strain shrimp and place in an ice bath to chill thoroughly. 
2. Combine remaining ingredients in a mason jar. Remove shrimp from ice bath and add to jar. Shake well. Refrigerate until ready to serve.