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A Farewell to Gennean Scott

Posted On Jun 30, 2021, 09:36 AM by IDEA Committee
Gennean Scott

We're taking a different approach to the blog this month as we celebrate the leadership of Gennean Scott at Omaha Performing Arts. For the past seven years, Gennean has worked as a key leader for O-pa. Serving as the Vice President of Human Capital and Inclusion, she conceived and spearheaded programs that have increased and retained BIPOC staff at O-pa. Her commitment to inclusion and equity has transformed internal and external practices within the organization.

Her exemplary leadership is now taking her to the Broadway League as their new Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The O-pa inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (IDEA) committee wishes Gennean tremendous success as she begins her new journey. Our IDEA committee members wanted to share their appreciation in this blog in her honor as a farewell.

Gennean has helped me learn and understand in so many ways in this past year.  I have learned from her what a diverse and equitable work culture really should look like, and she has taught me so much about the concerns of the BIPOC community.  She has made me think about things in a way I would not have otherwise and really helped me be a better person.  She is such a great leader, not just with IDEA/DEI stuff, but with life.  I admire her greatly and will miss her terribly. -Pam Hansen

As a Black woman and working professional, Gennean has helped me understand the importance of showing up as my authentic self regardless of who is in the room. I value her commitment to authenticity, creativity, Black history, and her desire to develop/mentor individuals, especially minorities. As a result of her leadership, I feel proud to work at O-pa and inspired to continue to do my part in the community to impact people's lives. -Dara Hogan

Gennean embodies what it means to be a leader. Over the past 7 years, she has given me so much to look up to – and look forward to. She has left us all with an important and powerful legacy to uphold. Her vision for diversity, equity and inclusion has had a huge impact on our work (both on and off the stage). I will always strive to do that vision justice and make her proud! -Kathleen Lawler Hustead

Gennean has inspired me to feel confident in my role as an ally. She is a teacher, a motivator, and trailblazer. Gennean has a way of empowering the people around her and I am thrilled to see the ripple effect of her work. Our work as a committee will continue. Thank you for everything, Gennean! -Victoria Ortega

Gennean's leadership has been a driving force in helping me to look inward to recognize my own biases.  It's not comfortable, and it's not easy.  She has helped us all realize that we can and must put in the effort and do better to make O-pa and our community more inclusive. -Elly Whaley

Gennean has given me the courage to always stand up for what I believe in, no matter who is in the room. She has shown me that my Black is beautiful, and my voice has immense value. I will take her passionate and dedicated energy with me and continue to fight for inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility in everything that I do. -Jordan Willis

Gennean is a true inspiration. Throughout her time at O-pa, Gennean has been so dedicated to creating and sustaining a diverse, inclusive and equitable workspace for everyone while also ensuring that we (the staff) are educated on the importance and value of DEI – both personally and professionally. It's been an honor to work with and get to know Gennean, and I'm excited to continue the incredible work that she has laid out for us at O-pa. -Taylor Wyatt

We can't wait to witness the tremendous impact Gennean will have on the Broadway industry. We'll miss you at O-pa!