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Steelhouse Omaha: A new standard for the live music experience

Posted On Dec 9, 2021, 09:09 AM by Bev Carlson
Person in hard hat surveys inside progress of Steelhouse Omaha
Inside Steelhouse Omaha

It’s a party waiting to happen.

With each new beam and concrete pour, you can begin to imagine what the completed Steelhouse Omaha will look like. How live music will raise the roof and how the excited patrons will interact with their favorite artists — some of whom have never played Omaha before. How the crowds will spill into the Capitol District and new Riverfront before and after the shows…

It’s a lot to look forward to!

Inside view of Steelhouse
View of the stage in progress

Steelhouse Omaha construction moves into 2022 on schedule and on budget. Surrounded by Dodge and Capitol, 11th and 12th Streets — the venue lies in the very heart of the extensive renovation of Omaha’s downtown. You can see the new Gene Leahy Mall across the block!  

Work will continue in earnest through the winter. Just a few weeks ago, crews held the “topping out” ceremony, where the highest steel beam was hoisted and installed at the top of the structure, along with the traditional American flag and evergreen tree. Steelhouse is now fully framed and scheduled to be fully enclosed by next summer.

Topping out ceremony for Steelhouse
The "topping out" ceremony

The building was designed with flexible seating, and patrons will be able to stand and dance through the whole show. While the venue may initially attract crowds aged 18-45, all guests are welcomed and can expect the same level of service excellence as they find at the Holland or Orpheum.

“The unique design of this venue, featuring the striking use of exterior metal cladding, will create a dynamic look that will help Steelhouse Omaha stand out in our downtown,” said Omaha Performing Arts President Joan Squires. “Once open, Steelhouse Omaha will transform our city’s music scene, drawing fans from across the region to enjoy a wide variety of music.”

President Joan Squires inside Steelhouse
President Joan Squires inside Steelhouse Omaha

The new venue is part of the planned expansion of O-pa’s arts and entertainment campus and will accommodate audiences of 1,500 to 3,000.

Steelhouse Omaha is scheduled to open in mid-2023. You can keep track of its progress by looking for the “Steelhouse Monday” updates on our social media every other Monday.

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