O-pa's Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Strategic Plan

For more than six years O-pa has undertaken numerous programs and activities designed to create a more diverse environment and foster an inclusive culture. We created and continue to update an IDEA strategic plan, focusing on both internal and external actions to benefit our workforce, patrons, artists and people throughout the communities we serve. Initiated in 2017 with a mission to build and leverage a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce and workplace, here is a brief overview highlighting key initiatives bringing IDEA to life every day in our organization:

  • Improve the representation of people of color at all levels of the organization.
  • Promote fair and equitable practices.
  • Create an inclusive work environment that fosters creativity and innovation.
  • Engage external stakeholders to further promote O-pa values and common goals.
  • Hold leadership and staff accountable for achieving goals and objectives.

Full Idea Summary

Administrative Recruitment 

Team, Inclusion, Trust and Integrity are core values at O-pa and it informs our recruitment, hiring, and personnel practices. We work with diverse professional organizations to ensure we have a pool of candidates offering a variety of skills and backgrounds. As a result of these efforts O-pa BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) demographics exceed local, state and national percentages, and O-pa was recognized by the Human Resource Association of the Midlands for our diversity and inclusion initiatives, implementation, and successes. 

O-pa is part of the LACNA Fellowship Program, a coalition of 50+ performing arts centers working together to strengthen executive leadership capacities and networks of BIPOC professionals to lead arts organizations into the future. 

IDEA - Recruiting Diverse Employees, 30% BIPOC Staff in 2021

Training and Development 

All O-pa employees and ambassadors obtain critical skills, culture competency, and the knowledge needed to engage in IDEA work and support our value of inclusion. We have conducted numerous local and national training programs and staff activities designed to educate and appreciate how a diverse workforce and inclusive culture benefits our organization and our work. These sessions are ongoing throughout the year.


two women and a man are seated at a table taking notes and viewing a speaker out of frame


A dedicated O-pa staff IDEA sub-committee regularly audits the venues, services, technology and communications to ensure patrons and employees with disabilities have a positive experience at our facilities.


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Programming, Education and Community Engagement 

O-pa has consistently offered a wide variety of artists and performances attracting diverse populations throughout the area. Our education and community engagement programs have reached more than 550,000 students and adults across Nebraska and Iowa across all demographics. Some examples include:
  • Voices AMPLIFIED ! is a multidisciplinary arts and social justice initiative offers season-long performances, events and discussions focused on social service issues in areas such as food, health and education.
  • Hip Hop Lab is a mixture of classes, camps and TED talks teaching the performance, history and culture of hip hop. 
  • Community Resource Group who provides resources and support to employees and patrons regarding a variety of community issues.

Engaging Diverse Performers - 50%  BIPOC Artists in 2021


Get Involved with our Community 

Use your voice and make a difference in our community and across the nation. 

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