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Theater Essentials Online

Digital theater curriculum for 7-12
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Theater Essentials Online is a library of video lessons for grades 7-12 led by local theater professionals. Designed to be completely flexible for in-person, hybrid or fully remote models of learning, each video lesson connects with state standards and includes study guides, student worksheets and other resources. 

Check out the program here

Wednesday Warmups with Aaron Derell

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Free Wednesday Warmups with Disney Musicals In Schools Teaching Artist and Community Engagement Specialist, Aaron Derell. These 10-minute virtual warmups will offer the opportunity for you to get up and move your bodies in a fun and educational way. 

Past warmups:

Warmup 1

Warmup 2

Warmup 3

Warmup 4

Warmup 5

Warmup 6

Warmup 7

Warmup 8

Jazz Academy Digital Lessons

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Free Digital Jazz Lessons with Jazz Academy Teaching Artist, Shawn Bell. These short lessons will help students of all ages learn about the different concepts behind jazz improvisation. Feel free to share the lesson with other students and families as well!

Miss the first few lessons? We've got you covered - just click on any of the links below to view:

Lesson 1 | Rhythm

Lesson 2 | Vocabulary

Lesson 3 | Style

Lesson 4 | Music Theory


Lesson 6 | PRACTICE Plan

WeBop Living Room Sessions

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Join WeBop teacher Ms. Kim as she teaches modified versions of our favorite classes from the ABCs of Jazz andMeet the Jazz Band. These band weeks go over the concepts and music with a full rhythm section to help and are open to both families who have experienced WeBop before or families who want check it out for the first time. It's a great activity to help get the family up and moving together. They are geared for kids ages 2-5.

Past sessions:

The ABC's of Jazz

Meet the jazz band

O-pa's Live on the Stream Series

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Watch the streamed live concert series on YouTube!


O-pa Interlude Playlists

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We really miss our performing arts community, and since we can't be together right now, we've created some Spotify playlists to get you through! Whether you're a Broadway super fan, jazz enthusiast, or simply enjoy today's latest hits - we've got a playlist for you. Every Friday we'll add a new one to work into your mix.


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