Understanding Your Character’s Objectives, Actions, and Obstacles with Nick Zadina

Join Nick Zadina, actor, director, and playwright with over 20 years of experience professionally in Midwest, as he takes you through the crucial process of knowing what your character wants, how they try to get it, and what may stand in their way. Knowing these key pieces will help you map out the journey your character takes in a meaningful way which not only drives your performance, but the whole show!

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Nebraska Standards for Education, Theatre:

FA 8.5.1
FA 8.5.3
FA 8.5.2
FA 8.5.4
FA 12.5.2
FA 12.5.4

About Nick Zadina
Nick is a profession actor, director, and playwright in the Omaha area. He currently works as the Freedom From Violence Coordinator for the Women’s Fund of Omaha. In his position at the Women’s Fund, Nick is responsible for assisting in the creation of a coordinated systems response to domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking that will keep victims safe and hold offenders accountable. He has a background in training utilizing theatrical techniques and is passionate about using human experience to create meaningful change.

In his previous role at Project Harmony, Nick worked regularly with law enforcement, advocates and social workers throughout the region on trauma-informed care, collaboration and engagement skills. He previously served as the Artistic Director of the Respect Program, which is a non-profit educating K-12 students throughout Nebraska about healthy relationships. Nick has a bachelor’s degree from Creighton University and a master’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.




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