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5 of the ultimate Jazz on the Green set-ups

Posted On Jul 15, 2019, 13:50 PM by Kamrin Baker

For those special Thursdays during the summer, folks bring their supplies and fight for a spot in the shade at Jazz on the Green. When the park opens at 5 PM, it’s go time. We were inspired by some of the best JOTG set-ups at our first show this year, so we thought we’d give a little shout out to the audience members going the extra mile to make their experience the jazziest.

Four women sit on a picnic blanket with balloons in the background

1. Here for the party

These ladies had balloons, Mardi Gras accessories and a full charcuterie board! With their spot in the shade, they were set to listen to the tunes in peace all night long.

People grab food from a table adorned with a red and white checkered table cloth

2. Picnic perfect

This whole group was set up for success with snacks and beverages to go around. Complete with a traditional checkered tablecloth and chairs for all, they were living the dream at Jazz on the Green.

Two women sit in front of fans in the park

3. Jazz fans and…jazz fans?

One of the more challenging aspects of Jazz on the Green is that it takes place during the heat of the summer. These audience members had the right idea to cool themselves down — though, I’m still not totally sure how their magic fans worked outside.

Four bottles of wine sit on a table

4. Wine and dine

I came with my camera for the Domino’s pizza box and stayed for the many bottles of wine. With a slew of tables lined up with various dinner and drink options, this team knew how to make the night go down smooth. One can only assume this wasn’t their first JOTG rodeo.

A man sits in a blue lawn chair with an awning on top

5. A throne fit for royalty

While this gentleman was not the only audience member with a chair like this, I was astonished by the craftsmanship of such a seat. Complete with its own awning, you wouldn’t even have to listen to the weather forecast during intermission to know that you were set for sun!

These are only a handful of some of the greatest Jazz on the Green moments from week one! Remember, when swinging by Tuner Park, blankets and chairs are welcome. Beer, wine and champagne are allowed in Turner Park, but please don’t bring hard liquor. Please keep all pets on a leash and remember to clean up after them. No smoking.

Also, as we anticipate some hot, hot, hot days this summer, remember to stay hydrated!

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