"Black voices and Black stories have contributed to the successes of American culture. However, they have not always been celebrated and they have been appropriated, minimized and silenced. Omaha Performing Arts stands in solidarity with its Black artists. Throughout our 2020/2021 season we will highlight, educate and engage local and national artists. Our goal is to promote equity and inclusion through the performing arts.
- Gennean Scott, VP of Human Capital and Inclusion



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We appreciate and value ideas that come from our patrons, artists, staff and partners. We want to bring diversity of thought, experience and expertise to everything we do. We believe an inclusive culture builds community, allows individuals to attain their greatest potential and advances equity and accessibility for all. 




We’re committed to inclusion in every aspect of our mission and core values. In our community, we present arts and entertainment that help us listen, understand and bring about action and change. These performances will intentionally have an inclusive and engagement activity to foster anti-racism, connect and educate our community. 

Alicia Olatjuja

Hear the power of Black women's voices.

Alicia Olatuja | March 11, 2021



Experience Black stories matter through dance.


man speaking or singing passionately into a microphone on stage

"Let America be America Again": Local literary, 
musical, dance and visual arts with an emphasis
on the BLM movement and past reflections
through history.

Voices Amplified | June 25, 2021

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O-pa is committed to ensuring every patron's experience is convenient, safe and remarkable. We use feedback from audiences and community partners to improve accessibility features at both the Holland Center and the Orpheum Theater. O-pa staff and volunteers are happy to accommodate requests so that all patrons can enjoy a performance without barriers.

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