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  • 3 FUN FACTS: Disney’s ALADDIN

    Anthony Murphy (Genie) and Original Cast of Disney's Aladdin North American Tour. ©Disney. Photo by Deen van Meer.
    Posted on 12.10.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Daring adventure, classic comedy and timeless romance – Broadway musical Disney’s ALADDIN has it all. The production includes favorite elements from the movie including the music, the genie, the flying carpet, the love story – but with a little extra magic. Here are three fun facts to know about the new musical before you go. Read More
  • OPA Holiday Gift Guide

    Copy of attracting an audience (4)
    Posted on 11.21.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Upstage Santa this year with our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! When you give tickets, you’re giving unforgettable experiences and the memories will last long after the curtain closes. Let us help you check off your list and earn a round of applause. Read More
  • OPA #Protip: Ways to beat the cold

    OPA #Protip Ways to Beat the Cold
    Posted on 11.19.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    For today’s OPA #Protip, I thought I’d drop some knowledge on how to beat the cold when you come to the theater. Read More
  • Q&A: Meet Shawn Bell, our new Jazz Academy teaching artist

    Shawn Bell leads a jazz clinic with students at Papillion Middle School.
    Posted on 11.12.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    We’re excited to welcome trombonist and music educator Shawn Bell as our lead teaching artist for academy. I caught up with Shawn just as he was kicking off his first in-school clinics to chat about the new program and why bringing jazz education to young musicians is so important. Read More

    04. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Eva Tavares and Jordan Craig - photo by Matthew Murphy
    Posted on 11.08.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Omaha Performing Arts takes you behind the scenes with 5 Phantom Phun Phacts to know about this spectacular Broadway show! Read More
  • 3 FUN FACTS: Rita Moreno

    Posted on 11.02.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Rita Moreno is an award-winning singer, dancer, actress – and she’s led such an incredible life it’s difficult to narrow this post down to just a few facts about her. You may already be a super fan, but here are 3 fun facts you should know before you go. Read More
  • GUEST BLOG: 3 reasons you should join 40 Below

    White text on a teal background that reads " Guest blog: 3 reasons to join 40 Below"
    Posted on 10.24.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Morgan Thomsen, a 40 Below member, shares her experiences with the young professionals group. Learn what the group has to offer performing art enthusiasts! Read More
  • Masquerade! Halloween costume inspiration from the OPA Season

    a Masquerade The Phantom of the Opera. Photo by Alastair Muir
    Posted on 10.19.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    This year, you’re invited to join our Halloween tradition! If you haven’t planned your costume yet, I’ve got you covered with simple ideas inspired by the 2018/2019 Season. You may already have some of these items in your closet or around the house. Read More
  • GET TO KNOW: Happy Hour’s local musicians

    sparkling orange martini sits on the bar at Ovations
    Posted on 10.17.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Happy Hour at the Holland has everything you need for a memorable night out in downtown Omaha. We invite local singers and musicians to showcase their skills in front of people who love the performing arts. This year’s lineup is beyond talented, and we want you to get to know them! Read More
  • 3 FUN FACTS: Dorrance Dance

    Posted on 10.11.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    The New York City-based company is bringing tap dance to Omaha later this month – and it’s not what you expect! If you’re like me and took tap lessons as a kid, you may be having flashbacks to poorly executed time steps and double wings. Here are 3 more fun facts about the performance. Read More
  • Q&A: How Chef Diana crafts Zinc’s fall menu

    Posted on 10.08.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Our in-house chef Diana Browder crafts her seasonal menus from fresh, local ingredients. For this Q&A, she filled me in on how she created the menu, what her inspirations are and what it’s like to be a chef. Read More
  • 5 FUN FACTS: The Play That Goes Wrong

    The Play That Goes Wrong National Tour. Photo by Jeremy Daniel
    Posted on 09.26.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG is exactly what it sounds like – a play in which everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Yes, it’s as funny as it sounds, too! Here are 5 fun facts about the award-winning show. Read More
  • #OPA Protip: How to avoid overpriced and fake tickets

    Copy of attracting an audience (2)
    Posted on 09.26.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    At Omaha Performing Arts, we want you to have the best experience possible when you come to an event at the Holland Center or Orpheum Theater – and that experience starts before you purchase a ticket. Here are some tips on how to avoid overpriced and fake tickets. Read More
  • GUEST BLOG: A day in the life of a Rusty Musician

    Posted on 09.26.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Suzanne Anderson, a participant in our Rusty Musician Experience, shares what its like to play an instrument again after a long hiatus. Check out what the Rusty Musician Experience is doing for musicians of all skill levels! Read More
  • WATCH: OPA president shares a show you can’t miss

    Bill murray
    Posted on 09.24.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Omaha Performing Arts President Joan Squires is right – we bring a lot of amazing performances to the Holland Performing Arts Center and Orpheum Theater. And sometimes one event is just so unique and wonderful we can’t let you miss it! Read More
  • OPA Roundup: Shows we’re FALL-ing for

    Shows we're falling for
    Posted on 09.21.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Fall is a magical time of year, and at Omaha Performing Arts, it’s when our venues come to life with extraordinary entertainment. For this edition of OPA Roundup, I’ve asked my colleagues to chime in with the fall shows they’re most looking forward to. Read More
  • Rock on! Highlights from Broadway Ball 2018

    Hundreds of people sit at tables in Peter Kiewit Hall. The lights are blue and green with a shining projection of the Broadway Ball image on stage.
    Posted on 09.18.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    The Presenters, our volunteer guild, hosted the biennial fundraiser on Friday, September 7, in support of our Education and Community Engagement programs. Here are a few highlights from the day. Read More
  • Q&A: Meet Jim Condon, OPA’s Ambassador of the Year

    Posted on 09.13.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Comprised of nearly 500 volunteers, the Ambassadors provide patrons with the friendliest service. Jim Condon took the title of "Ambassador of the Year" this year and was applauded for his dedication to Omaha Performing Arts’ mission as well as his always-cheerful demeanor. Read More
  • OPA #Protip: Subscribers can exchange their tickets

    OPA #Protip: Exchanging your tickets
    Posted on 09.10.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    I’m back with another “best-kept secret that’s really not a secret at all” as part of our OPA #Protip series. This week’s #Protip is so valuable, I always feel like I’m spilling big beans when I share it: Subscribers can exchange their tickets. Read More
  • Q&A: Burke High’s drama teacher shares her passion for theater education

    Emily takes a selfie in front her students when they're on a school bus ready to go to a master class.
    Posted on 09.06.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Omaha Burke High School teacher Emily Mokrycki has spent the last five years ensuring her drama students don’t miss out on a single learning opportunity. In this Q&A, she shared her passion for theater education and tips for both teachers and students. Read More