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  • 5 FUN FACTS: The Play That Goes Wrong

    Posted on 09.26.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG is exactly what it sounds like – a play in which everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Yes, it’s as funny as it sounds, too! Here are 5 fun facts about the award-winning show. Read More
  • #OPA Protip: How to avoid overpriced and fake tickets

    Posted on 09.26.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    At Omaha Performing Arts, we want you to have the best experience possible when you come to an event at the Holland Center or Orpheum Theater – and that experience starts before you purchase a ticket. Here are some tips on how to avoid overpriced and fake tickets. Read More
  • GUEST BLOG: A day in the life of a Rusty Musician

    Posted on 09.26.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Suzanne Anderson, a participant in our Rusty Musician Experience, shares what its like to play an instrument again after a long hiatus. Check out what the Rusty Musician Experience is doing for musicians of all skill levels! Read More
  • WATCH: OPA president shares a show you can’t miss

    Posted on 09.24.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Omaha Performing Arts President Joan Squires is right – we bring a lot of amazing performances to the Holland Performing Arts Center and Orpheum Theater. And sometimes one event is just so unique and wonderful we can’t let you miss it! Read More
  • OPA Roundup: Shows we’re FALL-ing for

    Posted on 09.21.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Fall is a magical time of year, and at Omaha Performing Arts, it’s when our venues come to life with extraordinary entertainment. For this edition of OPA Roundup, I’ve asked my colleagues to chime in with the fall shows they’re most looking forward to. Read More
  • Rock on! Highlights from Broadway Ball 2018

    Posted on 09.18.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    The Presenters, our volunteer guild, hosted the biennial fundraiser on Friday, September 7, in support of our Education and Community Engagement programs. Here are a few highlights from the day. Read More
  • Q&A: Meet Jim Condon, OPA’s Ambassador of the Year

    Posted on 09.13.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Comprised of nearly 500 volunteers, the Ambassadors provide patrons with the friendliest service. Jim Condon took the title of "Ambassador of the Year" this year and was applauded for his dedication to Omaha Performing Arts’ mission as well as his always-cheerful demeanor. Read More
  • OPA #Protip: Subscribers can exchange their tickets

    Posted on 09.10.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    I’m back with another “best-kept secret that’s really not a secret at all” as part of our OPA #Protip series. This week’s #Protip is so valuable, I always feel like I’m spilling big beans when I share it: Subscribers can exchange their tickets. Read More
  • Q&A: Burke High’s drama teacher shares her passion for theater education

    Posted on 09.06.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Omaha Burke High School teacher Emily Mokrycki has spent the last five years ensuring her drama students don’t miss out on a single learning opportunity. In this Q&A, she shared her passion for theater education and tips for both teachers and students. Read More
  • Back to school! OPA education programs continue to grow in 2018/2019

    Posted on 08.28.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    At Omaha Performing Arts, we're gearing up for another school year full of educating and inspiring. Here are a few highlights for the year ahead! Read More
  • OPA #Protip: Book a group & save money

    Posted on 08.21.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Today’s topic: Group sales! We offer groups of 10 or more discounts on select shows. This can be 10 or more friends, 10 or more family members, 10 or more colleagues, 10 or more students – basically any 10 people who want to go to a show together and enjoy some VIP perks along the way. Read More
  • OPA Roundup: Fun and family-friendly shows

    Posted on 08.15.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    School’s back in session and calendars are already filling up fast. Before the year gets too busy, plan a night out with your family. I’ve rounded up our picks for events people of all ages can enjoy together. Read More
  • 3 FUN FACTS: No BS! Brass Band at Jazz on the Green

    Posted on 08.09.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    August is basically the Sunday of summer, and we plan to soak up every last minute of it. Tomorrow night we’ll be grooving during our final Jazz on the Green concert of the summer. I know, we can’t believe it’s already the last one either, but we can't think of a better way to close out the season. Read More
  • Guest blog: Mom & instructor shares why she loves WeBop

    Posted on 08.06.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    WeBop instructor and mother Kim Lomax shares her experiences with the program and raising a child. Take a look at what young children are taking away from WeBop! Read More
  • 3 FUN FACTS: Shaun Murphy Band at Jazz on the Green

    Posted on 08.02.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Tonight’s Jazz on the Green concert is a special one! In honor of Blue Society of Omaha’s 20th Anniversary, we are teaming up to present one of the great voices of blues music – Shaun Murphy – who also happens to be an Omaha native! Here are three fun facts about tonight’s headliner. Read More
  • 3 FUN FACTS: Shayna Steele at Jazz on the Green

    Posted on 07.26.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    We’re half way through our summer concert series, Jazz on the Green at Midtown Crossing – and we have no plans for slowing down. Soak up some serious soul tonight when rising star Shayna Steele takes the stage. Here’s a few fun facts about the singer. Read More
  • OPA ROUNDUP: Christmas in July Edition

    Posted on 07.25.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    One thing’s for sure – listening to Christmas carols instantly lift the spirits. I’ve hit play on my favorite holiday playlist to help me create this very merry guide to OPA’s holiday shows. If July seems too early for roasted chestnuts over an open fire, no worries – the first show on my list doesn’t land until November 29. Read More
  • YEAR IN REVIEW: Vote for the best moment of OPA's 17/18 Season

    Posted on 07.24.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    At Omaha Performing Arts, we’re gearing up for an amazing 2018/2019 Season - but first, we wanted to share some of our best memories from our 2017/2018 Season. Take our poll to weigh in on your favorite performances! Read More
  • 3 FUN FACTS: Tiempo Libre Bohemia

    Posted on 07.18.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    Afro-Cuban group Tiempo Libre Bohemia is turning up the heat with tropical rhythms. Our Latin jazz artists are always a favorite during the summer concert series, probably because you can’t help but to dance to the upbeat music! Here are 3 fun facts about the band. Read More
  • RECIPE: A taste of Skyview Terrace, now open at the Holland Center

    Posted on 07.17.2018 by Courtney Mattern
    What’s the recipe for a perfect summer night out? We think we’ve figured it out at Skyview Terrace, our new rooftop bar at the Holland Performing Arts Center. Just combine cold drinks, beautiful views and great company. Read More